Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 4, 2018

Trymiles knows how scary it can be to share your financial and personal data, so we do our best to keep it safe.

This Privacy Note explains how Trymiles (“site,” “,” “we,” “us,” “our”) collects, stores, protects, uses, discloses, and shares your (“visitor’s,” “user’s”) information received during your use of

By using, you accept our privacy practices described below. Please read them closely.

What data we collect

Trymiles may save not only the data you enter manually to get the most of our services but also any data generated during your activities on our site. Please review the details below.

Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is so called because it helps identify you as a particular person. This may include your SSN, driver’s license number, or details from other ID cards.

We may gather your PII:

  • when you carry out the following actions (but not only then):
    • filling out forms and registration fields at;
    • reaching out to us via;
    • subscribing to our newsletters;
    • applying for our service via a third-party website (TPW);
    • taking part in marketing initiatives;
    • posting your own content on our blog or comment/review sections.
  • from our third-party partners.

You can refuse to share your PII with us. But remember that we ask for your PII exclusively to find the most suitable offers for you.

Nonsensitive Personally Identifiable Information (NPII)

There are many people that have the same date of birth, ZIP code, or sex. Hence these (and similar) characteristics alone don’t make you recognizable. To protect you, we store such data separately from your PII. In cases when your NPII is connected to your PII and makes you recognizable, we treat it as a part of your PII.

Routine Collection: Log Files may gather the following NPII from every visitor:

  • IP address;
  • OS and browser details;
  • internet service provider;
  • date and time stamps;
  • click history;
  • language preferences;
  • device specifications and model;
  • time zone;
  • tracks of internal pages and other websites you visit along your presence on

This data is located in log files and is never used for personal identification but for routine administration and maintenance only.


Website Cookies

We may place cookies on any device you use to access Cookies are tiny files that help us recognize you, customize our services, and protect you from fraud.

We may send temporary cookies that will be erased after you close your browser. And we may send permanent cookies that will remain on your device even after you close your browser.

There are two ways to control cookies:

  1. change your browser settings; or
  2. manually remove cookies from your device.

But remember that cookies help us serve you better. If you don’t accept them or remove them from your device, you may not be able to enjoy the full benefits of

Third-Party Cookies

When you follow a link on, you may be redirected to a third-party website (TPW) from one of our partners. This site may apply its own cookies and other data-collecting technologies. We take neither control nor responsibility for such actions. Please turn to that particular TPW to learn more about its privacy practices.

Web Bugs may contain web bugs. They are tiny images generating data about your behavior on the site. Web bugs allow us to track what content you access and then improve it according to your needs and interests.

How we utilize your data

We may employ your data to serve the following purposes (along with others not stated here):

Customer Support

We may utilize your PII and NPII to provide you with customer support, perform maintenance, and send notifications and administrative messages concerning and your actions on the site.

Service Notifications

After you register with, we may send you notifications on service-related issues. You can stop receiving such notifications only by asking us to close your account.

Promotional Communication

We may use your contact details to send you promotional materials, special deals, and offers about services you might be interested in. To unsubscribe from such materials, follow the instructions on your account page or use the “unsubscribe” links provided in our e-mails and messages.

Improvement of Services

We may utilize your PII and NPII to improve your experience on by customizing features and tailoring content and ads to you based on your needs and interests.

Responding to Legal Matters

We may employ your data to meet legal requirements, comply with applicable regulations and laws, respond to a subpoena, fulfill governmental requests, or participate in other legal processes.

We may employ your PII and NPII to protect and guarantee the security, safety, and integrity of Trymiles’s services and assets, as well as to investigate alleged fraud and violations.

We may reveal your data at our sole discretion to third parties such as internet service providers or law enforcement agencies, in the event of an investigation. Still, we’ll share no more than the minimum necessary to perform investigation procedures.

How we share your data

We may share your PII and NPII with our third-party partners. That includes:

  • Companies that verify, protect, store, and analyze data, as well as those that provide technical support to Such companies sign a special contract that any data they get access to is to be treated as confidential. Besides that, we never share more data than necessary for procedures requiring information disclosure.
  • Providers of services and products (S&P) you have expressed interest in by responding to their ads or following the links to these TPWs during your use of We may also share your data with the financial service provider we’ve matched you with.
  • Our partner companies that offer S&P related to those in your areas of interest (as we may conclude from you activities at Please know that we may receive compensation for sharing your data with these companies.
  • Advisors, experts, advocates, and legal counselors that can provide information concerning requests, questions, and comments you make on or by reaching out to us via
  • Legal entities, when required by law or regulatory agencies.
  • Authorities, in the event of emergencies or alleged acts of terrorism or fraud.
  • Any authorized party we deem appropriate at our sole discretion in the event of alleged violation of applicable laws or regulations, or of our rights. In this case we share your data to protect Trymiles from unlawful activities, facilitate investigations, and assist enforcement agencies, or to protect the rights, property, or personal safety of Trymiles users or other parties.
  • Our affiliated companies.

Please bear in mind that once your data is shared with one of these third parties, Trymiles has no control over the ways they manage it. To understand how this particular third party treats your data, check its privacy policy.

If you disagree with our data-sharing practices and want to protect your data from any disclosure to the stated third parties, you shouldn’t enter any data on By submitting data on, you consent to this Privacy Note and the way we share your information.

We may depersonalize your PII by removing certain identifiable characteristics. In this case we can use this information for making surveys, conducting analyses, and compiling statistics. We may also share it with third parties without any notice or compensation to you.

You can control your data

You can limit the amount of information you share with us and make changes to your PII and NPII that we have already collected and store.

If you don’t want us to:

  • gather and store any of your PII and NPII, cease using
  • share your data with third-party advertisers who may send you offers based on the interests and preferences you expressed while using, contact us via to opt out.
  • use some of your PII or NPII after we collected it, contact us via or use your account settings to modify or delete your data.

If you refuse to:

  • accept cookies, simply adjust your browser settings. But keep in mind that without cookies, some parts and services of may not work properly or may become unavailable to you.
  • receive emails or text messages from us, follow the unsubscribe link at the end of any communication we send. But note that you cannot unsubscribe from administrative communications without closing your account.
  • share your PII, don’t fill out any forms or sign up on, and avoid using any of our services. But please keep in mind that without your PII, we may not be able to provide you with certain services.

If you don’t want our third-party partner to collect, store, share, or use your PII or NPII in any way, refer to that particular third party’s privacy policy to figure out how to manage your data and opt out.

Please note that when you enter any data on, use any Service, contact us via email, or fill out a form on to get matched with a third-party financial provider or our partner, you consent to data collection and sharing.

When our Privacy Note doesn’t apply

When you look for certain products and services (P&S) at, we consider these P&S to be of interest to you. As soon as we know the P&S of your interest, we may show you links to the websites of their providers. You may find these links on or in our electronic communications.

If you decide to follow such links, you may be redirected to a TPW. Please note that we have no control over TPWs’ policies and practices. They manage your data according to their own rules. may also contain third-party widgets and plugins, such as social media features, links to social media pages, Share and Like buttons, etc. If you interact with these features, any data gathered within this interaction is used according to privacy policies of those TPWs.

How we protect your data

We employ high-industry-standard technologies and tools to protect the personal data stored on our servers from malicious and fraudulent activities and unauthorized access.

  • We use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) transaction protocol to encrypt all data we gather and store.
  • Access to the accounts and some resources of is limited by obligatory identity verification via password and login.
  • We do our best to keep secure.

We cannot guarantee that your use of and its services, or the transmission and processing of any information, are completely secure from unauthorized access in the case of a security breach. Neither can we predict or take responsibility for such breaches.

Information from children

We create our content and provide our services to adults only. So you have the right to sign up at and employ our services only if you are 18 or older.

Our young visitors under 13 years of age,

Please avoid using our site and its services in any way, and don’t enter any data on

We don’t knowingly collect any data from our visitors under 13 years old. If you learn that a person under 13 has provided personal information at, please let us know ASAP (

Considering that it is our policy not to receive any information of that kind, we do not store or manage any data about children, nor do we share it with third parties.

Access and California privacy rights is made to serve U.S. residents.

Our visitors from other countries,

Please know that all the data you enter on our site may be stored on U.S. servers and shared with third parties that are registered in the U.S. Also please note that some of our services may be unavailable if you try to reach them from outside the U.S.

Our users from California,

Please note that if you provide your data on, you have the right to know that we share it with third parties for direct marketing purposes. You can request this information from us once per calendar year via Please remember to specify your contact details so that we can share it with you.


The industry-standard Do-Not-Track protocol hasn’t been established at this time. For this reason, the means Trymiles uses to gather and manage data are aligned with the terms stated in this Note, regardless of any “Do-Not-Track” signals sent by browsers. Still, if you wish to opt out of certain services, you can go to

Modifications and amendments

We reserve our right to change this Note without notice at any time. To keep track of these changes, check the effective date stated above. If you continue using after new changes, you implicitly agree to them. If you disagree with any change, please stop using