Terms of Use

Last updated: June 4, 2018

Welcome to Trymiles.com. To facilitate communication with our users and visitors (“user,” “visitor,” “you,” “your”) and prevent any misunderstanding, Trymiles (“site,” “services,” “trymiles.com,” “Trymiles,” “we,” “our,” “us”) sets Terms of Use as they follow below. Please note that for some of our services, additional terms may apply.

By visiting Trymiles.com and using our services, you agree to these terms. Please read them closely.

For a complete understanding of our practices, please check our Privacy Note as well.

Eligibility and Access

We create our content and provide our services to adults only. So you have the right to employ our services and sign up at the site beginning at age 18.

Our young visitors under 13 years of age,

Please avoid using our site and its services in any way, and don’t enter any data on trymiles.com.

We don’t knowingly collect any data from our visitors under 13 years old. If you learn that a person under age 13 has provided personal information at Trymiles.com, please let us know ASAP (contact@trymiles.com).

Trymiles.com is made for U.S. residents.

Our visitors from other countries,

Please know that all the data you enter at the site may be stored on U.S. servers and shared with third parties registered in the U.S. Also please note that some of our services may be unavailable if you reach our site from outside the U.S.

To access some of our services, you may need to sign up or enter private data like financial or contact information.

We have the right to prevent your access to our services if you violate our Terms of Use.

We offer content and services for informational, educational, and entertainment purposes only.

We don’t charge any fees for using Trymiles.com or its services.

Products and Services (P&S)

Trymiles.com is a free search, match, and comparison service. We help our users get unbiased information about financial products and access third-party financial providers (FP). Even though we may receive compensation for connecting you with our partners, we don’t endorse any particular FP or other third party, and therefore provide unbiased information about third parties.

Trymiles may connect its visitors and users with financial experts, third-party service providers, marketing agencies, and legal entities via the forms and services on the site. If you choose to follow any link to a third-party website, you will be redirected to the other website. However, we don’t take any responsibility for the information you receive from this third party. Neither can we verify or monitor any content on a third-party website.

To open an account or benefit from some of our services, you may need to provide your information, including but not limited to personally identifiable information (PII). The way we collect and store your information is regulated by our Privacy Note and these Terms of Use.

To set up an account, you have to create a login name and password. Along with encryption, that protects the information we collect and store. From your side, please do keep your password and login name safe and never share them with anyone. If you have spotted suspicious activity on your account, please inform us ASAP via contact@affectify.com.

As a part of our services, we can match you with independent FPs. To be matched, you have to fill out a form on the site providing your PII. The data you enter will help us assess your opportunities and match you with one of our third-party service providers.

Please note that by filling out a form at Trymiles.com and submitting your information to get matched with one or more our partner FP, you:

  • authorize us to use and share the information you entered in accordance with our Privacy Note;
  • confirm that filling out a form on the site is considered your request for certain financial P&S;
  • authorize us, our affiliated companies, and third-party partners to perform all necessary verifications associated with the P&S you’re interested in, including but not limited to credit and identity checks.
  • authorize Trymiles, our affiliate companies, and other third parties to contact you by email, phone, or direct mail to provide you with offers and marketing materials regarding the P&S you may be interested in.

However, we don’t guarantee that you will get the service and/or product you have expressed interest in. Nor do we confirm that all users will get matched with or approved by one or more FP in our network.

Our services are absolutely free of charge.

Compliance with Laws and Prohibitions

The use of Trymiles.com and its services is regulated according to the legislation of U.S. and international laws. By using the site, you confirm that you don’t intend to violate any laws while using the site or its content, services, or any other property of Trymiles. In particular (but not limited to the list below), you confirm that you won’t:

  • Impede normal operation of Trymiles.com and/or its services.
  • Interfere with any third party’s use of Trymiles.com and/or its services.
  • Register for more than one account on Trymiles.com.
  • Use false information or information belonging to someone else during registration.
  • Use Trymiles.com or its services to send unsolicited messaging, advertising, or chain letters, or to make surveys, create pyramid schemes, or perform other unwanted communication by means of the site or its services.
  • Use the site or its services to violate copyright and illegally use someone’s personal and/or financial information.
  • Violate the rights of other users and visitors in ways including, but not limited to, harassing, threatening, or disseminating hateful or otherwise inappropriate content.
  • Post content that violates trademark law or other intellectual property rights and regulations.
  • Use Trymiles.com or its services to distribute malicious software.
  • Make unauthorized collection of the information provided by other users and visitors.

Third-Party Websites (TPW)

The content and services of Trymiles.com, as well as some of our communications to our visitors and users (such as emails), may contain links to TPW and their services. You may also get matched with one of these third parties upon your request for quotes or rates, or while searching for FP.

When you follow such links, you accept the risks associated with your actions and agree that Trymiles doesn’t take any responsibility for the TPW content, products, or services. We don’t check any TPW content, and therefore we are not liable for errors or inaccuracies, damage, losses, or other consequences that may arise from your use of TPW.

Be aware that TPW may collect your information, both personal and nonpersonal. And Trymiles has no control over how TPW and their services collect, store, or use consumer information. Their collection, storage, use, and sharing of your information is regulated by their own privacy policies and terms of use.

Please remember that you decide whether to contact TPW through the links provided via Trymiles.com, and you take the full responsibility for your actions.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

You can create your own content (“user generated content,” or “UGC”) in some sections of Trymiles.com. This may include but is not limited to forums, reviews, and blog comment boards. Once you post any UGC on the site, you automatically grant us a license to use this content at our own discretion, including but not limited to collecting, storing, distributing, copying, sharing, displaying, making derivatives, altering, deleting, refusing to display, etc. this content. You agree that we may use your UGC along with your name or other identification information connected with this UGC without any notice or compensation to you.

Copyright and Intellectual Property (IP)

Trymiles owns Trymiles.com, including its all content and services. All data, advice, logos, documentation, charts, services, texts, infographic images, maps, photos, applications, images, icons, graphics, pictures, line art, videos, and anything else (including user-generated content) contained on Trymiles.com is copyrighted by us or licensed to us. All of this information is our intellectual property (IP) and is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.

If you believe that your copyright rights have been violated by Trymiles, please contact us via email (contact@trymiles.com).

The content of Trymiles.com serves informational purposes only, so you cannot consider any piece of it a financial offer or legal advice. All information available at the site is general. To get accurate and detailed information on the offers provided by FP, you must contact corresponding providers directly.

By using Trymiles.com, you agree to use it only for the purposes mentioned in our Terms of Use. Any use of our content or services for commercial or marketing purposes is unlawful. Any reproduction, duplication, resale, copying, modifying, decompiling, creating derivative works, distributing, transmitting, publishing, or other exploitation of Effectify’s content, arrangement, organization and design, or parts (logos, labels etc.) is illegal and strictly prohibited. We may monitor any activity at the site to spot and prevent any misuse of the site.

By using Trymiles.com, you agree not to use any robots, spiders, or other automatic devices, which can perform unlawful or harmful activities on the site.

You need our written permission if you want to use the content of Trymiles.com for automatic and systematic data collection techniques, commercial communication transmission, data extraction, or similar activities. We can terminate access to the site at any time for any user using robots or performing other prohibited activities.

We have created Trymiles.com for you. And you may endlessly enjoy its content and services  for personal purposes exclusively, and only if you follow all intellectual property regulations.


You consent to our sending you administrative messages, such as notifications, confirmations, and electronic agreements, via email. All electronic communication from Trymiles used for administrative messages and electronic documentation is legally valid as communication in writing.

We may also use physical mail to contact you.


When you use Trymiles.com or its services, you agree to hold Trymiles, as well as its parent companies, subsidiaries, and affiliates and each of its individual members, directors, employees, agents, bankers, co-partners and other parties the company contracts with harmless, and therefore not subject to any liability or claims that may be brought by you due to:

  • improper use of Trymiles.com by you or by someone with your computer;
  • your breach of these Terms of Use;
  • any dispute that may arise between you and a third party regarding the use of Trymiles.com.

Each of the above-mentioned members will have the right to assert this provision in the event of a dispute, claim, or proceeding brought by you.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The content and services on Trymiles.com are available “as is” on the basis of the stated availability. You access and use it at your own risk after accepting these Terms of Use. We give no warranties or guarantees on information available on Trymiles.com. We can add, modify, update, or remove its content without any prior notification. The software and technologies we use for the operation of the site may contain errors that will be corrected when possible. We don’t guarantee error-free operation and constant availability of Trymiles.com. As a result, we don’t accept any liability arising out of such errors or related issues.

We take no responsibility for the links to third-party websites (TPW) presented on Trymiles.com. You choose at your own discretion to follow these links to get redirected to TPW. By visiting these websites, you accept their own terms of use. Please understand that you act at your own risk, and we aren’t liable for any losses or damages associated with such actions.

Limitation of Liabilities

We offer you Trymiles.com with all its content and services for informational purposes only. We aren’t liable for any errors, inaccuracies, or omissions in the information available through the site. Also, please note that you alone can decide whether or not to act on information provided by the site. We aren’t responsible for any possible forms of damage or losses you may suffer due to using the content or services offered by Trymiles.com.

Severability and Termination

The failure of Trymiles to enforce any of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use or to strictly perform any of the terms will not be deemed as a waiver of these rights, nor will it diminish our right to enforce it at any time. If any provisions contained in these Terms of Use are against applicable laws, then such provisions will be severed, but the remaining Terms of Use will continue to be in effect and the applicable provisions will survive termination.

The Terms of Use are effective from the moment you begin to use Trymiles and/or its services in any way. We reserve the right at our sole discretion to terminate or deny your access to the site or its services if you violate any of the terms or regulations stated by Trymiles.com or any other relevant party. You may terminate the agreement at any time by ceasing your use of the site; nonetheless, upon termination the applicable provisions will survive.

Modifications and Amendments

We reserve the right to add, modify, update, and remove any content on Trymiles.com without prior notice. If you continue to use the site, you automatically accept these modifications.

We also reserve the right to make changes to these Terms of Use at any time and without prior notice. These changes will take effect immediately, and your continued use implies that you accept the changes.



These Terms of Use are to be considered as binding as hard copies detailing the same conditions in case of judicial or administrative proceedings taking place in regard to this regulative document.

Force Majeure Event

You agree and fully understand that Trymiles accepts no liability for the damage caused by events or the consequences of events that happen beyond our control, including but not limited to  the failure of equipment and services, natural disasters, strikes, wars, and governmental restrictions.

Entire Agreement and Headings

Our Terms of Use and Privacy Note as the regulative documents for this site and services establish complete understanding of the communication between you and Trymiles and supersede any prior information or notices you may have received in this regard. Our failure to enforce any of these provisions will not mean a waiver of these provisions at any time.

The headings in these Terms of Use are for explanation purposes only and will not alter or diminish the meaning of the provisions contained in this document.


If you have a request, complaint, or inquiry regarding the Terms of Use or the site and its services, please contact us via email (contact@trymiles.com).

For any concerns or queries regarding the services or practices presented by FP to which you may be redirected from the website or matched with by submitting your information, contact those third parties directly using their contact details.